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Prevent Fraud
Verify credit card
possession and location.

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How it works

VerifySpot works after the customer completes a purchase.

After checkout, the customer is instructed to download the VerifySpot app and confirm possession of their card. The app takes an image of the front and back of their credit card which is uploaded to the VerifySpot servers along with the user's GPS location.

The merchant is then alerted to review the information for authenticity. VerifySpot does not take any action on behalf of the merchant and leaves the final transaction decision to the seller.




The VerifySpot QR code along with an app download link are provided on the "Thank You" page immediately after purchase.


The customer downloads the VerifySpot app and is asked to scan the QR code displayed on the merchant's page.


VerifySpot uploads the customer's credit card information along with their live GPS location to the merchant for review.

Safe and Secure

VerifySpot does not collect any customer information from the merchant. We do not need to know the buyers name, what they purchased or the total transaction amount.

The only data point collected from the merchant is a unique transaction ID which is used by the merchant to download verification data provided by the customer. We also wipe all credit card and GPS details from our servers once the merchant receives it.

Benefits of using VerifySpot

VerifySpot helps reduce chargebacks by verifying credit card possession and REAL GPS based location of the customer at the time of purchase. Unlike IP location methods which can easily be spoofed with a proxy or VPN, phone based GPS coordinates cannot be spoofed.*

Our simple service provides the merchant with the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether a transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.

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Privacy Built-in

To ensure maximum privacy and card holder security, VerifySpot immediately deletes all customer data including scanned credit card images and GPS coordinates after it is accessed and examined by the merchant.

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*Spoofing - VerifySpot automatically detects GPS based spoofing and flags transactions as high risk.